The Boaty Theatre Company have joined forces with Chalice Production's to bring a modern twist to 'MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING'.  

The story so far....

Set against the backdrop of an uncertain, post-apocalyptic future, Military Commander Don Pedro and his loyal troops, Benedick and Claudio are tasked with making regular trips into the outlands.  They clear the paths of human debris, mapping and securing new routes as they search for supplies and survivors.  


Don Pedro's double-dealing brother; Don John (and his confidants, Francesca Conrad and Mariella 'Borachio' Borgo) are never too far away and all are relieved to find their way back to civilisation whenever they can.

One of the few surviving - and thriving - settlements is led by Dr Leonata di Medici, Mother to Hero and aunt to Beatrice.  Once a renowned Neuroscientist, Dr Leonata is still searching for a way to cure those affected by the first mutation of virus R3DPL4-G; nicknamed the "Red Plague".

Unfortunately the virus is so complex, mutating every time it is passed on.


Those affected by the virus are known simply as "The Changed". 

But, there are different categories; some are slow and whilst they are driven by a hunger, show some signs of human cognitive structure.  


Others have grown animalistic and monstrous beyond recognitions; attacking one another and anything that moves.  These creatures are beyond saving.

Returning to Leonata's compound, the soldiers are all welcomed with open-arms; some more so than others!

Claudio soon reveals that he has fallen in love with Hero and soon enough a date is set for the pair to be married.


Meanwhile, Beatrice and Benedick appear to despise love and instead engage in a brilliant battle of wit  and comic banter.

Deciding to 'play the role of Cupid', Don Pedro, Hero, Claudio, Leonata and Margaret plot to make them fall in love with each other...

But how will it all end??

Presented by the award-winning

Boaty Theatre Company as part of The Royal Shakespeare Company's Dell Festival 2019


Bridge Farm and Wellness Gardens.

Ellesmere Port 

Saturday 10th August 2019


The RSC Gardens (The Dell).


Sunday 18th August 2019 

Bridge Farm Performance:




Registered Charity no. 1185724

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