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Boaty Youth Theatre

The Boaty Youth Theatre was established in 2011 when a group of young people were discovered working on a student film at the National Waterways Museum, locally known as The Boaty.....Which is where we get our name!  This original band of wayward youths have since grown up and gone on to do wonderful things, some still stick around as Trustees of our board or simply jump into projects we have going on.  Since our humble beginnings, we have gone on to achieve many wonderful things and won a handful of awards along the way.  

The Boaty is a safe space for you to explore the wonderful world of drama, learning new skills and taking part in opportunities such as the National Theatre Connections Festival, which in 2021 we were lucky enough to represent our play on the national stage, albeit, virtually! More recently, we succeeded in the very same festival and got the opportunity to perform at the Dorfman Theatre in London on the 22nd of June 2023.  

We would love to welcome you to the boaty family.  If you would like more information email

Holiday Activity Fun


We are planning on hosting a Young Theatre Makers Summer Programme for 14-16 yrs where they will create, rehearse, produce and tour a brand new piece of theatre entirely from scratch, whilst receiving training and full support from leading (and award-winning) creative industry professionals. All participants will work across a number of roles and - aside from having a great time and producing a tangible product in the form of a live theatrical production - will gain experience in working in the performing and production arts industries, explore future employment opportunities and make valuable connections with people currently working in the industry (including actors, directors LX/SD designers and technicians, costume makers, set designers, etc).

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