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The "CHAOS" of Connections 2019!

Hello all!

Thank you for continuing to check in with us, despite the long break in these blog entries. Sorry about that!

Well, we have had quite a whirlwind of a year so far and have enjoyed some incredible successes with both our and our community performers and crew.


Following a dedicated rehearsal and development period, our youth team returned to the Garret Theatre, Storyhouse to perform our assigned 2019 National Theatre Connections play, "Chaos" by Laura Lomas. The two-night run was met with almost riotous applause and glowing feedback from NT Associate Director Elvi Piper.

Steph Green - Connections Lead for The Lowry, Salford - was also in attendance on the opening night and informed the gang that she was "delighted" that we would be taking 'Chaos' to the Lowry, where our brilliant young team would perform in The Quays Theatre!


After much fundraising (and more rehearsing), we all travelled to The Lowry on the Saturday of the 2019 Easter weekend for an amazingly fun-filled day of workshops and performances (neatly arranged and perfectly timed by Steph Green).

The whole team did themselves proud! From their approach towards the whole experience of the day to their friendly and open, supportive attitude towards the other companies present.

I was so much more than proud to say "Yes, that's my gang. That's The Boaty!", I was moved. They showed everyone what being part of The Boaty Theatre Company meant to them and what it meant to be part of Boaty.

When the time came for us to perform our version of Laura Lomas' play, the team did not disappoint!

The stalls of the Quays theatre were filled with an audience made up of Connections ticket holders, Connections company participants, Lowry staff and general public. A number of our 21+ community performers had travelled to Salford to support our youngster and all were blown away by their natural stage presence in such a prolific and international renowned theatre.

Elvi Piper and Steph Green complemented the cast and crew and said they looked "completely at home on that stage!". What a compliment!

On a side note, I was personally able to tick-off a couple of bucket list items on this day, which I think my Production Arts Tutor (from some time ago), Angie Berwick, would appreciate!

1) I got to design the lighting for a production in the Quays Theatre, The Lowry!

2) I designed the soundscape for a production performed in the Quays Theatre, The Lowry!

3) I operated the sound (solo) from the soundbox in the Quays Theatre, The Lowry!


4) I called the show (as DSM) whilst operating the sound from the soundbox in The Quays Theatre, The Lowry!

Woohoo! #LifeGoals!

The whole gang did amazingly well on this leg of our journey... Well done Alice, Emily, Tayler, Charlotte, Keir, Molly, Shannon and Levi!

"Some call it Chaos. We call it Family."

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