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As the curtain falls.

Thank you to everyone who made our first live performance of 2021 such a big success. Things can only get better from her right!?

This was the first time we had used our website as the platform for our Livestream and we think it was a huge leap from our equally as wonderful production of EDITH IN THE DARK in December 2020, which was our first ever livestream performance.

But as the curtain falls on one project we are preparing for our next. LOOK UP by Andrew Muir as part of National Theatre Connections 2021. This year has not been without its challenges for working with our youth theatre as most of our rehearsals have been online. Conference calling makes for difficult theatre, but does have its benifits for learning script before we enter the rehearsal room.

This weekend we will welcome our youth theatre family back and some of them for the first time, we are very excited to get this project moving, quite literally. We are very excited to meet our new members in person and in full glorious 3d form!

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