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“Home, again”

Hello all!

Tickets for a brilliant new stage play by Amy-Lou Harris, “Home, again”, are now on sale.

Set at the end of the WWII, George is returning home for the first time since experiencing catastrophic head trauma which has affected his memory and even his personality.

Anna is waiting at home for his return, but life is never quite that simple, is it?

Due to continued restrictions, this will be a wholly live-streamed production run and we hope you will be able to join us.

We are delighted to be working with an amazing team of students from the Production Arts department of Cheshire College South and West on this project, who will be lighting and calling the show!

We are looking forward to seeing you next week!!

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Mar 27, 2021

Brilliant, fantastic story and acting. Never expected the twist in the tale that came. Wish we could have seen it live. Maybe later in the year.


Congratulations Amy Lou, on your writing debut! I really enjoyed the twist - fantastic performance from you all. I really enjoyed it, when I managed to get the luvestream going x Well done and have a celebratory glass of wine now

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