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National Theatre Connections filming at the Boat Shed

If you hadn't heard the news by now, National Theatre came to the Boat Shed on Saturday 19th June with Chocolate Films to film our version of the 2021 connections play 'Look Up' by Andrew Muir.

Every year the National Theatre Connections choose 10 plays written specifically for young people and youth theatre companies, groups and schools participate from all over the UK. Those plays are developed with young people, performed for a home audience, further developed with an NT associate director for performance at a professional partner theatre festival and if you are really lucky, you get chosen to perform for the National Theatre Festival to represent the play that you developed. This year...The Boaty were chosen to represent Look Up for the National and we couldn't be prouder of our young people!! The Finished film will be ready in early September, so watch this space for how you can see it!

We spent the day in the wonderful company of the Connections team and our young theatre-makers got a taste of what it's like to work with a professional film crew and they were all awesome! They will also be part of a documentary cataloguing the trials and tribulations creating theatre during the pandemic.

This was Emily Sheriff's last connections as an actor, but we hope she will join us on the darkside as tech and assist with directing and teaching our youngsters what she has learned along the way! Thank you Emily for all the wonderful memories, the laughs and all the fantastic characters you have created.

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