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Hey Gang! It's been a while!

We really must make time to write more blog posts!!

We thought it was about time we gave you an update on the wild ride that has been the last six months (Give or take) since our last entry!

NT Connections.

Another year another connections festival.

Following our success at being chosen to represent 'Look Up' by Andrew Muir in the 2021 festival, we continue on our connections journey in 2022 with 'HUNT' by Fionnalua Kennedy. We have had a lot of fun preparing for our home performances which went down a treat, with some wonderful feedback from our visiting director.

We look forward to connections every year and it forms a huge part of our Young Theatre Makers calendar. For most of our young people, this year will be the first year that they can take part in the partner theatre festival as it should be!

We are super proud of all the work they have done throughout the last year!!

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